FXOptimax PAMM Agreement

  1. PAMM Manager account is a special account that combine all investors fund and manager’s capital into a single trading account under the control of the PAMM Manager to make transaction in financial market.
  2. Company in this scope is (FXOPTIMAX LTD)
  3. PAMM Manager is entity who control PAMM Manager account.
  4. PAMM Investor or Investor is entity who invest fund in a PAMM Project according to a specific PAMM Offer.
  5. Only PAMM Manager can do financial transaction on PAMM Manager Account.
  6. PAMM Investor Account is account belong to investor which is not a trading account, but a read only virtual account that consist Investor fund in a combined PAMM Manager account.
  7. Only Investor can deposit and withdraw Investor Account.
  8. PAMM Manager account only can receive money from Investor’s invest
  9. PAMM Manager can’t withdraw or deposit Investor’s fund into PAMM Manager account or PAMM Investor account
  10. All fee and profit distribution are calculated by company
  11. Manager capital is a fund invested by the Manager to his PAMM Manager Account
  12. Offer is a set of paramater and condition created by PAMM Manager to receive investment
  13. Partner is entity who refer a investor to invest into specific offer
  14. PAMM Manager, Investor and Partner hold all responsibility for compliance with legislation, including but not limited to tax, regulation, etc
  15. PAMM Manager are prohibited to use any corporate brand name and/or identity for any commercial.
  16. PAMM Manager are prohibited to assume responsibility on behalf of company or put the company under any obligations, or perform any other action that may cause any damage to the company.
  17. The company does not guarantee profit. Positive trading results and good past performance DO NOT guarantee positive trading result in the future
  18. The company is not responsible for financial losses resulting from the following risk:
    1. Bad trading from manager
    2. Fraudulent operation by manager
    3. Hacked / Cracked PAMM Manager trading account
  19. The company is not responsible for financial losses resulting directly and/or indirectly from incorrect PAMM proportion and incentive calculation. The company will resolve this matter on "best-effort basis".
  20. PAMM Manager's Account Trading Terms :
    1. Margin Call and Stop Out Level : 100% and 50%
    2. Maximum Lotsize : 10 lots
  21. Company will close PAMM Project if there is no open trade within last 30 days
  22. Company reserves the right to close PAMM Project if the total loss is more than 80%
  23. If there are differences between Master (PAMM2M) and Investor (PAMM2I) account, the company will use Master account as the basis of all PAMM calculations. The Master account is always considered true.
  24. Withdrawal from your PAMM Investor account will be processed on the next trading day or the next interval date depending on investor choice on withdrawal request according to offer specific term. PAMM Withdrawal request can not be cancelled or modified.

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